Pirelli prepared F1 Race in Austin

Pirelli & Cie SpA and its supplementary, Pirelli Tire North America Inc., have been association simulations on the new F1 track using data obtained from a visit to the track through its building. Pirelli is the sole dealer of tires to F1 racing. Pirelli says track of the Americas in Austin is more multifaceted than the other new F1 track, Hockenheim in Germany, because it has not at all been raced on before. Understanding the scenery of a new outside is always complex, particularly when there is no preceding data.

“There’s no hesitation that preparing for a track that is totally new is more complicated than going to one of the recognized venues," says Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport manager. "However, we now feel fully prepared for this glorious track, where we will bring the P Zero Silver hard and P Zero White intermediate tires. The expertise and know-how that we have at our removal means that we can estimate some very precise predictions without actually having raced at a track these days, thanks to the preparation work from our engineers.”

 They brought with them complicated laser measuring apparatus in order to evaluate the abrasiveness of the track by investigative closely the spacing and shape of the stones that make up the collective. Several readings were taken from the mechanism in order to ensure a precise demonstration. Using these readings an essential demonstration of the track from the tire’s point of view can be created on computer.

Together with some blacktop samples from the new location, this allowed Pirelli to compute the likely wear rate and the effect of the blacktop and ambient temperatures on the tires at dissimilar points on the track. "Their investigation of our brand new track can help afford race strategy predictions that should assist drivers and teams near achieving achievement at our track," says Steve Sexton, Circuit of the Americas president.

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