Mercedes Benz not Writing Off 2012 F1 season yet

Mercedes is not yet prepared to write off the rest of the season in favour of focusing its possessions on to its 2013 contestant. Although the German car manufacturer has approximately no chance of closing behind the 119-points gap to Lotus in the constructors' championship, it does face a clash to hold off Sauber, which is just 20 points at the back. That is why team major Ross Brawn has said that the outfit needs to together keep approaching for this year, while not homicide effort that could be put to better use ensuring its 2013 competitor is a step forward. 

"We need a impartial move toward I think," he said when asked by AUTOSPORT about how it was splitting efforts between this year and next season. "Our chassis teams are conniving next year’s car and there are assured directions they want to confirm. The aero changes you saw on Friday morning [in Korea] with the back wing [double-DRS] are mainly for next year. So present is a mix. 

"We don't want to give up the residue of this year while operational for next year, but there is a strong feature [of looking to 2013].”At Suzuka we had two rear dissimilar suspension geometries, and we had some other essential differences, so we are plug those things into the programme. But we still want to have a reputable presentation for the rest of the year." 

Although Mercedes has resist for results in recent races having not scored any points since the Singapore Grand Prix Brawn thinks that place coming up should suit its car enhanced. "I think these next few tracks coming up, even though we don't know concerning Austin, will tend to come a bit towards the scenery of our car," he said.

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